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Seeing without eyes – InfoVision

Juni 14


It seems miraculous, but is reality:

With their eyes covered, children first learn to distinguish colors and later on read.

See yourself on the attached videos.

I took the course – and was able to read individual letters after 3 days and a whole word after 5 days. Children are much faster!

The exciting thing is that this type of reading really works without eyes – completely different nerves are used – so that even people who were born blind, can learn to see and read again. I trained with a blind man – and his improvements and performance was impressive.

Mark Kommisarov he comes to Switzerland especially for these courses and is our exclusive guest.

The classes are small and we expect them to fill up quickly – so it is helpful to register quickly so that places are still available.

Important: Mark does not speak German, but English or Russian – so the course is more suitable for children who can speak English or Russian!


Videos Content
Kids play darts, guess Colors, Throw Basketball, find the right Cups
Boxing with covered eyes.
Workshop with Nate Young
Blindfolded experiments in nature, with Ana
Hypermetropia and Astigmatism
Basketball, Fighting, Biking, and more.
More Examples from Dubai
Collecting Mugs of same color
Maracek, blind from birth
The explosion of the device in the man’s hands burned out both eyes. He doesn’t have eyeballs. 

He has a cosmetic prosthesis installed in his right eye.   

The video was filmed on the fourth day of classes.

Improvement in children’s abilities (IQ) after the InfoVision workshop
Boy blind from birth + autism
Martin, a blind man, studies InfoVision in direct knowledge mode – “I don’t see, but I know.”
Boy Sasha, blind from birth.
After classes gained the ability to see without using his eyes.


Juni 14


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